True Crime: The Secret Life of Bob Crane

Bob Crane Photos: See a Photo Gallery of His Life & Death

Caution: Photo Gallery Contains Graphic Content Double click the gallery to view in full-scene and read the captions. Bob Crane was a man conflicted. He was a devoted father and family man when he was at home. But, at the same time, he was harboring a deep obsession....

Bob Crane Home Movies: A Hobby That Went Too Far This blog post, video & photo gallery contain graphic content. Bob Crane loved photography! He was fascinated with taking still photos of family and outings - and eventually preserving the memories of his many sexual conquests. The...

Exclusive Bob Crane Autopsy Evidence & Crime Scene Footage

This blog post contains graphic content. Bob Crane’s autopsy began in a most unusual way — performed on the bed where he was bludgeoned to death. On the afternoon of June 29th, Maricopa County Medical Examiner, Dr. Heinze Karnitschinig, arrived at Crane’s apartment at...

Robert Crane Jr. – Seeking Answers for a Son

How do you tactfully ask a man about his father’s murder? That’s the dilemma reporters face when interviewing families of murder victims. It's never easy, and every reporter dreads it. My book, “Who Killed Bob Crane?” was born from an interview I did with Bob Crane’s...

Why I Wrote “Who Killed Bob Crane?”

“Who Killed Bob Crane?” is my first book. To say this became a reporter's obsession would be an understatement. I interviewed Bob Crane’s son, Robert Junior in April of 2015. That interview started me on this journey. A son’s profound sense of loss, all the unanswered...

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See Exclusive Bob Crane Crime Scene Evidence

Warning: Graphic Content

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